Jane Overbury

Represented by Hadfield Fine Art


Statement 10-10-17

The darkness which has pervaded my paintings recently is beginning to recede as I continue to be intrigued by the effects of light.
By exploring new processes I am currently experimenting with different ways to create texture and surface, always allowing the paint to lead the way.
These paintings see a return to previous themes and ideas as I begin to include some more figurative aspects again.

Statement 18-4-17

These recent paintings reflect my on-going fascination with light and its transient effects.
Light through trees, strong bright negative shapes, the play of light over curves describing their form, flecks, blocks, and most of all, stripes.
The rhythm of the light that hits you as you pass a fence or shuttered wall, the splay of shadows thrown on a path by branches overhead.
All of the paintings were created during 2016/17, a time of active experimentation with oil paint which pushed my work into a new direction.